Asparn Dorfrundflug

What very notably distinguishes Asparn’s open air museum of prehistory, ancient history and mediaeval archaeology, is, aside from it’s long range of examined historic periods where other museums specialize in a narrower timeframe, mainly the vast area it inhabits and atmospheric vegetation that encloses it.

Both from the inside of the archeologically recreated buildings, as well as outside around them and high above the area we were tasked to capture inviting footage and produce a sort of video-tour for all the soon-to-be first-time visitors of the archeological park.

The footage however would not have been possible for us to plan, edit, grade and thematically underline it with a fitting score without our partner legally operating, owning and being responsible for the camera-drone, with whom we are already eager to collaborate again in the future to provide our clients with as wide a variety of traditional-film making, meaning in-camera shot and not fully computer generated image based, as possible.