Wine, roasted boar, honey pies, laughter, music, juggling, show fights and a huge bonfire. What more could warm every Schwarzenbach and surrounding area’s citizens’ hearts than the annual cheerful celtic-themed midsummer-night’s fair „Celtovation“ in southeastern Lower Austria.

This year, for their round anniversary the town decided to have it’s three day festival documented and summarized in an aftermovie, and who better to entrust with that task than those who keep specialising in historic genre depiction and themselves starting reenactors of the netta mea team.
And truly an event to remember it was! The biggest celtic festival outside of Great Britain and Ireland, according to many seasoned reenactors and irish-folk musicians present at the fair.

In the three days we’ve been there not only did the organizers gather a host of 40+ armoured and armed celtic warriors from all over Europe, firebreathing stiled jugglers, a petting zoo of all the beasts our countrymen from 2000 years ago could have known and more crafting and cooking activities any child could finish in a single day, but also a pire of wood, or rather entire trees, that would burn for hours and stretch high into the sky for many miles to see. Needless to say anyone present now can’t wait for next year’s solstice celebrations and the celtovation festival to finally come by again.

Several times a year a flock of linnen, chainmail or wool-clad (or topless), torques, helmets and swords wearing and unique historic finds recrafting enthusiasts, so called reenactors gather at the hilltop over the town of Schwarzenbach, where they, the town and hardworking archeologists rebuilt a celtic settlement.
Here over twothousand years ago our ancestors used to, well, do pretty much the same as people here do now. However on this particular event, many more celtic reenactment groups from virtually all of our neighboring countries were invited and thus never has the reconstructed village seen a more diverse, multilingual and numerous population and their accompanying tents, beasts and equipment to draw countless historically fascinated “nerds” and tourists. Therefore the „Boi Pannonii“, one of the mentioned groups and the responsible hosts, and our good friends from many a celtic-fair-visit and NORICUM shoots before, also invited us to this occasion, and the town management was happy to hire us once we offered to document it for all the world and future generations to see.
Of course the only way to truly enjoy the atmosphere of method acting Italian „Lingones“ in their massive tent camp, the sharpness and glow in the sunlight of the Polish craftsmen’s many hand forged exotic looking weapons, the intricate patterns of the self-woven fabrics of the colourfully dressed dressed women of the many celtic tribes, the screams of the sparring Hungarian warriors, and the smell of bubbling soon-to-be-celtic-cheese milk pots on the Helvetian tribes’ campfires – is needless to say, being there and witnessing it all yourself.
Much more than quickly shot tourist-photos and smartphone-filmed shaky clips however, a professionally made aftermovie can preserve this event for the ages, and serve as advertisment for future similar occasions.