Jazz im Hoizwerk

When you think of a Jazz Concert what is the first thing that comes to mind in terms of atmosphere and location?
A concert hall, a bar, a lounge, an open air stage maybe, disregarding any such conventional notions the Jazz im Hoizwerk festival host both a wide range of musical journeys into classic Jazz, 20+ artists big band, Austrian folk-jazz fusions as well as other jazz related up and coming cover and original band projects, hardwood floor construction- and woodworking workshops as well as speeches by authors and subject related businessmen, and all that under the roof of a giant wood storing hall.
One thing you unfortunately can’t see on the live videos of the performances are however the soothing smells of freshly cut wood, grass and the rain falling and dispersing on top of it all, as well as the unique acoustic soundscape the setting provides. Artists and speakers performing on this stage always are keen on getting another chance to return the next year.

Thomas Dickbauer, the sawmill’s manager, never shies away from inviting new thought provoking and varied guests and artists and we’ve been lucky enough to be booked for the event not for the first time and therefore grow more and more familiar with the location, crew and atmosphere to get the most out of the scenic setup and light situation.

There is usually a simple distinction, either a concert is held indoors, or open air, Schlierbach OÖ’s annual Jazz im Hoizwerk concert however, is neither and both. Under the roof of the Dickbauer sawmill’s wood storage hall both Jazz performances and lectures on wood-relevant subjects are held in the storm-proof facilities – that year was indeed accompanied by power-outage level tempests – while personell, sound technical equipment and emergency power supply was in cooperation provided by the dedicated organizers of the rock im dorf festival.