Rock im Dorf

What’s a little rain when there lies a busy town of tents before you, a gushing torrent of cold mountain water in a forest behind you and a comparable endless stream of beer and booze at your disposal? And of course not to forget, there still is the music, which all the local, young and like minded topless and joyful folks of south eastern Upper Austria actually set out to enjoy at this annual music festival, that we have been happy to be part of for the second year again.
Two stages, various day time activities of drinking games, beer pong tournaments, bmx shows and cabaret, free organic food stands, shirt printing and healty fastfood vendors, colourful and smooth lighting and decorative Tibetan flag lines alongside a line up you might largely be familiar with as a FM4 listener all contributes to an overall atmosphere of laid-back, relaxed, enjoyably alternative and openminded revival of 1969’s Woodstock „Wiesen“, in a more familiar, regional and arguably even more youthful flair.
No matter the weather, no one could be bothered and a brightly colored raincoat here and there never could cover a blissfull laughter and friendly invitation to sit and have a drink, throw on self-made superhero costumes or glitter paint and party, dance, drink and sing along to the many indie/ rock and electronic musicians and DJs from all over Europe all night long until it all started over the next day.
Also we produced a trailer for the line-up, using material from last year’s festival.
Far away from troublesome neighbors, close proximity to the highway, ample parking, camping and dancing spaces, a unique and rustic flair, high voltage current access as well as a nearby mountain stream, where better to host an annual local indie rock/electronic/hip hop festival than at the Prügelmühle saw mill in Schlierbach.
A laid back atmosphere, down to earth organizers and tasteful organic food stands, and of course the varied offer of music for every taste, draws both the local festival aficionados, specific band fans, beer bong slinging youths and generally many a sociable music-, dance- and drinking-lover, with equally dogs, children, and elderly seasoned “hippies” enriching the diverse audience. 
For whoever has not been to one of the annual Rock in Dorf festivals yet and considers attending the next glorious celebration, who already enjoyed the atmosphere and wants to be reminded of some of it’s impressions and who might not have even heard of it yet, we followed bands and audience to cut together some of the most notable and emotionally representative moments and present to you as an after movie for the all future to enjoy.