“Sic Parvis Magna.”
“Thus great things from a small beginning come.”

Sir Francis Drake

About Us

We, the netta mea core team, are dreamers. Dreamers who have learned to transform their visions into artifacts. While dancing on the edge between art and craftsmanship, we try to visualize ideas beyond the conventions of the regular media manifold. Therefore we always aim to push ourselves harder to create even more engaging stories, in motion pictures, and evoke catharsis and amusement in the viewer.


Traditional Filmmaking

We believe that authentic scenes are shot where life happens. This is why exceptional ideas and ambitious concepts, leading into extraordinary circumstances tempt our enthusiastic team all the more to shoot in-field: Low-light, crowded, challenging temperature or terrain that is difficult to access? There is no place, which hides an intriguing story from our cameras.

2D Animation Graphics

Adopting the tireless dedication already put into your vision let’s us convey a balance of fact and passion. Sophisticated concepts are rarely simply explained. A clip of a few minutes often feels like a tuna can for a big fish of an idea. Our artists provide clear, yet stunning video-graphics that help us tell your story in a plain way. You describe it to us once – we illustrate it for the world.

Extensive Postproduction

A film production never ends with the release of a record button. Professional cutting, grading and implementing of sounds or graphical elements can enhance your video with a stunning hollywood movie-like feeling while fitting it into your company’s Corporate Design. We provide expertise up until the last step of production.

Video Showreels

  • A compilation of our latest shortfilms, music videos and image video – productions. To see all projects in detail go to view the entire portfolio.
  • Some impressions of our recent wedding video – productions.

More Than A Company

A fully grown network of professional filmmakers and artists helps us provide the right abilities, to produce a tailor-made video for every costumer’s needs.
Our contacts range from Drone pilots and Expert Soundstudios, up to Special Effects- and CGI Artists. No wish remains unfulfilled.